Time To Take A Risk

For quite some time now I have thought about the need to start to blogging. I compared myself to others like Dr Justin Tarte, Amber Teamann, Matt Miller, Brad Currie, Jessica Johnson, Erin Klein, Peter DeWitt, and Mark Barnes (among others) whose blogs I read faithfully; and the same nagging questions always came to mind…what do I write about, how often should I write, who would want to read it, would I be able to inspire anyone etc.  After reading Connected Leadership by Dr. Spike Cook and receiving encouragement from him I started feeling the need to do this even more. As I thought about this more and more I decided I needed to seek advice from blog writers I respect and love to read. So I contacted Amber Teamann and Matt Miller for advice. I truly appreciate the time they took to give this beginner the encouragement needed to start this endeavor.

I don’t know that I will ever inspire anyone reading my posts, but I do know If I don’t do this, I will never inspire anyone.

So why do this? I ask our teachers and students to take a chance. To take a risk. To try something new. I tell them when they are uncomfortable they will have the most learning take place. I have decided it is time to take that chance and become uncomfortable myself. I am grateful to the many people in my PLN that have set the example for myself and others to follow and for giving us the courage to put ourselves out there.

This may be my first post, but I promise not my last.


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Tom Stoner

Christian, Principal, Husband, Father, Grandfather. I enjoy fishing, camping, reading, golf, and spending time with family (not necessarily in that order)

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