Proud Principal Moment

Yesterday was our last day of school for the first semester. The second semester will start when we come back from Christmas break (yes we still call it Christmas break).

On Wednesday afternoon one of my English teachers sent me part of a final paper submitted by one of our students. In the paper that student talked in great detail about how her single mom had spent all available funds for her and her three siblings for Christmas so they could have presents to open on Monday. As a result of that act of giving to her children, mom does not have money to pay some bills. The student said she just knew if someone could loan her $100 to give to her mom for Christmas that would help a lot.

So…my English teacher sent our social worker and me an email and asked how can we help. It was short notice with only a day and a half until we would all part ways for two weeks, but I sent an email to our staff asking for donations to help this struggling family. We are a small school with only 30 teachers 6-12, but I was sure we were mighty. I was hoping we could raise that $100 the student wanted for her mom.

At the end of the day yesterday when I placed the money in an envelope to be dropped off with a Christmas card, we had raised over $250 for that family. Today another $60 came in for that family that will be dropped off later this afternoon.

Often times when I interview potential teachers I will be asked by the candidate “what makes Kouts MS/HS so great?” I always respond with, we are family. If one of us is hurting, we all are hurting. Whether it is a teacher, cafeteria worker, bus driver, custodian, instructional aide, secretary, admin, etc., when one hurts, we all hurt. Our staff showed this to be true this week. In this time in the world where there is so much hatred taking place on a daily basis, I am going to hang on to the fact that there is still so much good going on in the world. In a time when public education and its teachers are looked down upon, I will hang on to the good they continue to do that is not covered with a lesson plan or assessment.

On Monday when I praise God for the miracle of the birth of my Lord and Savior, I will also give him thanks for our school family that helps each other out when in need.

Until next time……….Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and may you see the little things being done for others that mean so much to them.


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Tom Stoner

Christian, Principal, Husband, Father, Grandfather. I enjoy fishing, camping, reading, golf, and spending time with family (not necessarily in that order)

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