So…I have never done the one word challenge in the past. To me, it was just like a New Years resolution that I would pay attention to for a couple weeks and then forget about. It was kind of like the new year diet.

This year I have read many tweets and blog posts on #oneword2018 and thought, maybe I should think about it. But what one word would I use? I have seen words like do, balance, reach, question, perspective, and many others. But what word would I use? Balance is good, as I seek to find a balance between professional life and personal life. Perspective I really liked, as I seek to see situations from the perspective of others. But what would I use? Then last week while working over Christmas break it hit me, accomplish. That is my #oneword2018. Accomplish.

I decided on that word when I cam in, sat in my chair and thought, “what to I need to accomplish today?” The lightbulb turned on bright over my head. There are many things I want to accomplish this year. Some of them are at home, some of them are at school, but all of them are important to me.

So, now that I have a word, what do I do next? I followed the steps of my amazing wife. I started a list. A list of the things I want to accomplish in 2018. This is going to be a fluid list, I am sure. As I cross items off of it, I am sure I will add more to it. Some will be quick and easy, some will take more time and be more difficult to accomplish. First item on my list to accomplish is to write this post. Check. On to the next item.

Thank you to all who inspired me to come up with my #oneword2018. Now to get some things accomplished.

Until next time………………Keep up your great work.


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Tom Stoner

Christian, Principal, Husband, Father, Grandfather. I enjoy fishing, camping, reading, golf, and spending time with family (not necessarily in that order)

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